MedInformatix is RIS of Choice for Tennessee Mammography Center

Los Angeles, CA – (August 22, 2017) MedInformatix announced today it has been selected by the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center to implement a new radiology information system, mammography tracking and billing platform for the Tennessee-based practice. KCBC is one the country’s few fully independent mammography facilities, and has consistently been on the forefront of women’s healthcare, including pioneering the specialty of clinical breast radiology.

“We are delighted to extend our presence in the mammography specialty with a practice the caliber of KCBC,” said Pat McGonigle, CEO of MedInformatix. “Dr. Kozlowski and her team have been on the leading edge of breast screening, diagnosis and treatment for more than 30 years. We look forward to making sure they have the state-of-the-art clinical and administrative IT platforms that match their reputation in Tennessee and around the country for delivering world-class breast healthcare.”

KCBC joins a growing list of mammography centers around the country that have implemented the MedInformatix RIS and Practice Management solutions. Kansas City-based Imaging for Women, Charlotte Radiology and Breast Care for Washington DC, among others, are leading women’s health practices thriving on the MedInformatix platform. “From our very first meeting with KCBC’s team it was obvious we share many of the same core values. We look forward to a very collaborative relationship for many years to come,” added McGonigle.

Florida IT Exec Named to MedInformatix Client Advisory Board

Los Angeles, CA – (July 20, 2017) Radiology Information Systems innovator MedInformatix announced today that Joshua Haney, Information Technology Manager at Diagnostic Centers of America, has been named to the Radiology Chapter of the MedInformatix Client Advisory Board (CAB). Haney ’s appointment follows the CAB ’s recently concluded summer meeting in Shelton, CT.

“It speaks volumes that MedInformatix cares enough to include their customers in the ongoing design and development of their product suite,” said Haney. “I am excited to join my colleagues on the board as we come together to share today ’s best practices in an attempt to shape the future development and delivery of radiology.” Haney ’s practice operates from five locations across South Florida where it provides patients with a comprehensive array of imaging and diagnostic services.

“Joshua is an outstanding addition to our CAB,” said Chris Bruns, Manager of Product Development and CAB liaison at MedInformatix. “He brings a breadth and depth of experience in Radiology IT that, when combined with our other members, provides MedInformatix with an advisory perspective that is unmatched in our industry.”

MedInformatix was one of the first RIS providers to launch an advisory board initiative. Comprised of representatives from the MedInformatix client community and other EHR and radiology industry leaders, the board advises MedInformatix leadership and product development teams on opportunities for new product enhancements, regulatory issues, customer service and other client-facing matters. Bruns, who launched the initiative almost 4 years ago, says the board has surpassed his own lofty expectations. “By its very nature, the CAB has provided a seat for our entire customer community at the planning and decision-making table in a way that we benefit from client input at the very start of the product development process. We believe this collaboration will continue to be a driving force in keeping MedInformatix on the leading edge of RIS innovation well into the future.”

MedInformatix Clients to Benefit from FIGmd’s Powerful Data Collection Technology

Los Angeles, CA – (April 24, 2017) Electronic health records innovator MedInformatix announced today a partnership with FIGmd, operators of the largest clinical data registries in the country, that will significantly streamline the registry reporting process for MedInformatix clients.

“Our relationship with FIGmd continues our strategy of partnering with best-in-class HIT solutions,” said Pat McGonigle, chief executive officer of MedInformatix. “They are widely recognized as one of the leading innovators in data collection technology and we are thrilled to bring their powerful registry platform to the MedInformatix client community.”

FIGmd provides clinical data registry, analytics and data reporting solutions to medical practices, specialty societies, medical professional associations, hospitals, health systems and others. Their platform integrates with more than 60 different EHR and practice management systems, regardless of the level of individual customization of the system.

McGonigle says that where clients may have previously had to connect individually to registries, the FIGmd partnership provides seamless access to more than 20 registries across multiple medical specialties. Data is extracted directly from the EHR and fed into the FIGmd data architecture for quality measurement and industry benchmarking. Use of the FIGmd ELIXIR integration requires no additional training and has zero impact on workflow, making the solution completely turnkey for users of the MedInformatix EHR.

MedInformatix Receives Certification for Internal Control Protocols

Los Angeles, CA – (March 9, 2017) RIS and EHR innovator MedInformatix has received the prestigious Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) certification from the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), confirming the company’s adherence to the strictest quality and security control protocols. The certification is conferred by AICPA on client service organizations who have stringent internal control mechanisms in place affecting the security, availability, processing, confidentiality and privacy of important information.

According to AICPA , SOC 2 certification is designed to help service organizations, organizations that operate information systems and provide information system services to other entities, build trust and confidence in their service delivery processes and controls through a report by an independent Certified Public Accountant.

“Workflow information, especially sensitive company data dealing with topics such as corporate governance or risk management processes, is the lifeline of most any organization,” said Pat McGonigle, chief executive officer of MedInformatix. “We are grateful to AICPA for their rigorous and complementary review of our procedures. They represent the gold standard when it comes to ensuring that service organizations like MedInformatix have the right controls in place to preserve data integrity and usefulness, and their certification assures our clients they can trust us in this mission-critical area.”

MedInformatix Donates RIS to Non-profit Mammography Center in Washington DC

Los Angeles, CA – (February 2, 2017) RIS innovator MedInformatix announced today a new collaborative partnership with Breast Care for Washington(BCW), the only facility in the Nation’s Capitol to routinely offer mammogram screenings and diagnostic imaging to low-income and medically underserved women regardless of their insurance status. As part of the new relationship, MedInformatix will donate its award-winning V7.6 technology platform to BCW, providing the organization with an end-to-end radiology information system that will optimize data and workflow operations and ultimately help clinicians deliver imaging services to more women across the greater Washington area.

Beth Beck, co-founder and chief executive officer, launched BCW in 2014 with breast surgeon Dr. Regina Hampton, in response to the significant health disparities which exist in the metropolitan area. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show the District of Columbia leads the nation in both breast cancer incidence rates (153 cases per 100,000 patients vs. U.S. average of 122 cases per 100,000 patients) and in breast cancer mortality rates (26 cases per 100,000 patients vs. U.S. average of 21.5 cases per 100,000 patients). Physically located in the District’s Ward 8, BCW serves as one of two mammography facilities east of the Anacostia River and the only provider with state-of-the-art 3D imaging.

“Far too many women are diagnosed with breast cancer in this City,” said Ms. Beck. “Thus far we have been able to lessen the disparity and are detecting cancer at three and a half times the national average. Now, with the help of MedInformatix, we can extend our impact and offer a healthcare setting with the most innovative diagnostic and clinical technologies available. This puts us on par with many of the medical practices and hospitals in the community that might be out of reach for the population we serve.”

BCW is the only mammography facility in the country to be integrated within a federally qualified health center, allowing them to play a critical role in strengthening the link between primary care and screening for underserved patients. Ms. Beck says despite BCW’s nonprofit status and the community services they provide, it can be difficult to attract technology partners the caliber of MedInformatix. “Obviously there is the cost factor, but many of the big name players are not interested in partnering with small nonprofits. Fortunately for us, MedInformatix shares our values in caring for a community.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with BCW as part of our corporate social responsibility mission to bring innovative healthcare information technology to those who can benefit from it the most,” said Pat McGonigle, chief executive officer of MedInformatix. “ BCW does tremendous work in providing radiologic and breast diagnostic services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in Washington. We are proud to align the MedInformatix name with their cause and look forward to working closely with them as they continue to grow their organization and the numbers of women they so admirably serve.”

One of the key features of the MedInformatix platform is the ability to integrate electronic health records and enterprise practice management systems, thereby facilitating the use of patient data for both the clinical and administrative needs of BCW, including in the mission-critical areas of insurance verification, claims submission and clinical and financial analytics. “This is huge for us,” added Ms. Beck. “In addition to the social and personal impact we make in the community, we have a continual need to demonstrate the bottom-line impact to current and prospective funders. The MedInformatix platform will be a tremendous boost in this area.”

BCW served 1200 patients in 2016, a 15 percent increase from the previous year. Ms. Beck is hopeful that with scheduling and workflow efficiencies afforded by MedInformatix, the facility will reach its goal of serving 2000 patients in 2017. For more information visit

MedInformatix Names New President of Ambulatory Client Advisory Board

Los Angeles, CA – (December 28, 2016) Electronic Health Records innovator MedInformatix announced today that Erin Hundley, Clinical IT Director at White’s Pediatrics in Dalton, Georgia, has been elected president of the Ambulatory Chapter of the company’s Client Advisory Board for a two-year term.

The board advises MedInformatix leadership, product development and technology teams on product enhancements, regulatory requirements and customer support initiatives, as well as fosters engagement and best practices collaboration among members of the larger MedInformatix client community. Meetings are convened throughout the year and at the annual MI user summit, where a joint meeting is held between the ambulatory and radiology chapters.

“I am humbled to receive this vote of confidence from my peers, and I look forward to guiding our deliberations for the next two years,” said Hundley. “With the world of healthcare constantly changing it is my hope the advisory board will serve as a reliable platform for information sharing, idea generation and decision making that keeps the MedInformatix client community on the leading edge of EHR innovation and delivery. This will be our focus.”

“White’s Pediatrics is a longtime customer of MedInformatix and a founding member of our advisory board initiative,” said Chris Bruns, product development manager and board liaison at MedInformatix. “I know our board will benefit from Erin’s insight and leadership in the coming year and I am anxious to work with her and all our clients as we continue to innovate and deliver tomorrow’s EHR technology today.”

MedInformatix Extends Relationship With Strategic Radiology Group Members

Los Angeles, CA – (December 28, 2016) RIS innovator MedInformatix announced today it has extended its relationship with members of the Strategic Radiology (SR) group. Of the practices currently in the group, 7 have implemented the award-winning MedInformatix RIS. The most recent SR member to sign with MedInformatix is Charlotte Radiology, who announced in December it would be switching to the MedInformatix RIS V7.6.

SR is comprised of some of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced radiology practices in the country, representing more than 1,400 radiologists nationwide. Member groups collaborate to leverage their inherent expertise to achieve higher quality patient care and more cost efficient delivery of medical imaging through an integrated approach of shared data and best practices, interchanging clinical expertise and consolidating practice expenses.

“Like the members of Strategic Radiology, we share a desire to transform the delivery of today’s healthcare,” said Pat McGonigle, CEO of MedInformatix. “We are thrilled to have a growing number of their members rely on our technology platform to improve the physician-patient experience and streamline data and workflow efficiency at their practices. And, we look forward to exploring new opportunities for collaboration with the group in 2017 and beyond.”

The following SR members are currently using the MedInformatix RIS:OK

  • Austin Radiological Association, Austin, TX
  • Casper Medical Imaging & Outpatient Radiology, Casper, WY
  • Charlotte Radiology, Charlotte, NC
  • Jefferson Radiology, Hartford, CT
  • Radiology Associates PA, Little Rock, AR
  • Southwest Diagnostic Imaging, Phoenix, AZ (EVDI Medical Imaging, Scottsdale Medical Imaging, Valley Radiologists)
  • University Radiology, East Brunswick, NJ

Florida Practice Selects MedInformatix RIS

Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA – (November 30, 2016) RIS Innovator MedInformatix announced today that Radiology Associates of Tallahassee, one of the largest providers of radiology services in Northwest Florida, has selected the MedInformatix RIS V7.6 software suite over other industry solutions. The announcement came during the 2016 Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting in Chicago.

“This is yet another exciting new customer engagement for MedInformatix,” said Pat McGonigle, Chief Executive Officer of MedInformatix. “Tallahassee has been in business for over 50 years, so they have become a trusted name in radiology. We could not be more eager to begin implementation with them and help them achieve new levels of data and workflow efficiency across their practice.”

Radiology Associates of Tallahassee provides comprehensive diagnostic and interventional radiology services throughout the state capital region, including with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the Capital Regional Medical Center of Tallahassee and Doctor’s Memorial Hospital in nearby Perry, Florida. They also own and operate Tallahassee Diagnostic Imaging.

McGonigle says the radiology and technology teams at Tallahassee were especially impressed with the functionality of the MedInformatix RIS, as well as its ability to interface with their current imaging and clinical support systems, while also integrating with other third party systems.

MedInformatix Unveils Results of EHR Satisfaction Survey

Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA – (November 29, 2016) RIS Innovator MedInformatix announced today the results of a recently concluded survey gauging the satisfaction of users of their signature MedInformatix RIS and EHR V7.6 software suite. The survey found 93 percent of respondents are satisfied with their MedInformatix experience, with an impressive 87 percent of users reporting V7.6 has positively impacted their practice. The survey’s findings were unveiled during the 2016 Radiological Association of North America Annual Meeting in Chicago.

“This survey validates the MedInformatix value proposition,” says Pat McGonigle, Chief Executive Officer of MedInformatix. “It confirms we have become real partners with our clients and are helping them not only transform the way they conduct their business, but also the way they are delivering healthcare in their communities.”

The survey is part of ongoing efforts at MedInformatix to incorporate client perspective into all aspects of the company, from product development to sales; from implementation to customer support. McGonigle says one of his company’s goals for the year ahead is to ensure clients are getting the best possible performance out of their EHR. “We’re challenging our radiology clients and prospects alike to expect more from their RIS in 2017,” he says. “More intuitive interfaces, more efficient workflows, more engaging functionality and more robust collections. Whatever we can do to help them get more out their RIS, we will do.”

Key findings of the MedInformatix Satisfaction Survey include:

  • MedInformatix is easy to use – the highest results in the survey (90+ percent) were for the ease of use and intuitiveness of the MedInformatix solution. 90 percent say documenting patient care is easy, and 86 percent say finding and reviewing information in the RIS is easily achieved.
  • Less paper means more productivity – 66 percent of respondents have seen a jump in their daily data and workflow management processes, after making a commitment to a more paperless environment. And roughly half of all practices have seen a marked jump in their overall productivity. Respondents also give high marks to the RIS for bringing improvements in the mission-critical areas of revenue cycle management and interoperability.
  • Customization is key – customization is the MedInformatix calling card. In fact, more than half of all respondents cited the ability to customize elements of the EHR to fit the unique needs of their particular practice as a reason the selected MedInformatix over the competition. “This further demonstrates we are not a take-it-or-leave-it, one-size-fits-all solution,” McGonigle said.
  • Patient engagement has room to grow – while 32 percent of practices say their patients have had a positive experience using the MedInformatix EHR, more than half (66 percent) say their patients have had no reaction whatsoever. McGonigle says this provides MedInformatix a real opportunity to build engagement among his client’s customer base. “Our physician portal has always been well received, and we look forward to determining how we can collaborate with practices so they can optimal use of their EHR by encouraging greater patient involvement in the delivery of care.”
  • Experience is worth the expense – 82 percent of users say their experience with MedInformatix V7.6 was worth both the capital and operational expense. The same number, 82 percent, would recommend the MedInformatix solution to others.

McGonigle anticipates the survey becoming an annual exercise at MedInformatix, with an option to extend its focus to include client perspective on evolving industry initiatives and regulations. “Our clients are leaders in their respective medical specialties and at the forefront of delivering the most innovative and efficient healthcare available anywhere. Their input is not only of tremendous value to our company, but of tremendous value to the larger healthcare community.”

More than 60 client sites took part in the survey, which was conducted in collaboration with Survey Monkey.

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