MedInformatix Unveils Results of EHR Satisfaction Survey

Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA – (November 29, 2016) RIS Innovator MedInformatix announced today the results of a recently concluded survey gauging the satisfaction of users of their signature MedInformatix RIS and EHR V7.6 software suite. The survey found 93 percent of respondents are satisfied with their MedInformatix experience, with an impressive 87 percent of users reporting V7.6 has positively impacted their practice. The survey’s findings were unveiled during the 2016 Radiological Association of North America Annual Meeting in Chicago.

“This survey validates the MedInformatix value proposition,” says Pat McGonigle, Chief Executive Officer of MedInformatix. “It confirms we have become real partners with our clients and are helping them not only transform the way they conduct their business, but also the way they are delivering healthcare in their communities.”

The survey is part of ongoing efforts at MedInformatix to incorporate client perspective into all aspects of the company, from product development to sales; from implementation to customer support. McGonigle says one of his company’s goals for the year ahead is to ensure clients are getting the best possible performance out of their EHR. “We’re challenging our radiology clients and prospects alike to expect more from their RIS in 2017,” he says. “More intuitive interfaces, more efficient workflows, more engaging functionality and more robust collections. Whatever we can do to help them get more out their RIS, we will do.”

Key findings of the MedInformatix Satisfaction Survey include:

  • MedInformatix is easy to use – the highest results in the survey (90+ percent) were for the ease of use and intuitiveness of the MedInformatix solution. 90 percent say documenting patient care is easy, and 86 percent say finding and reviewing information in the RIS is easily achieved.
  • Less paper means more productivity – 66 percent of respondents have seen a jump in their daily data and workflow management processes, after making a commitment to a more paperless environment. And roughly half of all practices have seen a marked jump in their overall productivity. Respondents also give high marks to the RIS for bringing improvements in the mission-critical areas of revenue cycle management and interoperability.
  • Customization is key – customization is the MedInformatix calling card. In fact, more than half of all respondents cited the ability to customize elements of the EHR to fit the unique needs of their particular practice as a reason the selected MedInformatix over the competition. “This further demonstrates we are not a take-it-or-leave-it, one-size-fits-all solution,” McGonigle said.
  • Patient engagement has room to grow – while 32 percent of practices say their patients have had a positive experience using the MedInformatix EHR, more than half (66 percent) say their patients have had no reaction whatsoever. McGonigle says this provides MedInformatix a real opportunity to build engagement among his client’s customer base. “Our physician portal has always been well received, and we look forward to determining how we can collaborate with practices so they can optimal use of their EHR by encouraging greater patient involvement in the delivery of care.”
  • Experience is worth the expense – 82 percent of users say their experience with MedInformatix V7.6 was worth both the capital and operational expense. The same number, 82 percent, would recommend the MedInformatix solution to others.

McGonigle anticipates the survey becoming an annual exercise at MedInformatix, with an option to extend its focus to include client perspective on evolving industry initiatives and regulations. “Our clients are leaders in their respective medical specialties and at the forefront of delivering the most innovative and efficient healthcare available anywhere. Their input is not only of tremendous value to our company, but of tremendous value to the larger healthcare community.”

More than 60 client sites took part in the survey, which was conducted in collaboration with Survey Monkey.

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