MedInformatix Donates RIS to Non-profit Mammography Center in Washington DC

Los Angeles, CA – (February 2, 2017) RIS innovator MedInformatix announced today a new collaborative partnership with Breast Care for Washington(BCW), the only facility in the Nation’s Capitol to routinely offer mammogram screenings and diagnostic imaging to low-income and medically underserved women regardless of their insurance status. As part of the new relationship, MedInformatix will donate its award-winning V7.6 technology platform to BCW, providing the organization with an end-to-end radiology information system that will optimize data and workflow operations and ultimately help clinicians deliver imaging services to more women across the greater Washington area.

Beth Beck, co-founder and chief executive officer, launched BCW in 2014 with breast surgeon Dr. Regina Hampton, in response to the significant health disparities which exist in the metropolitan area. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show the District of Columbia leads the nation in both breast cancer incidence rates (153 cases per 100,000 patients vs. U.S. average of 122 cases per 100,000 patients) and in breast cancer mortality rates (26 cases per 100,000 patients vs. U.S. average of 21.5 cases per 100,000 patients). Physically located in the District’s Ward 8, BCW serves as one of two mammography facilities east of the Anacostia River and the only provider with state-of-the-art 3D imaging.

“Far too many women are diagnosed with breast cancer in this City,” said Ms. Beck. “Thus far we have been able to lessen the disparity and are detecting cancer at three and a half times the national average. Now, with the help of MedInformatix, we can extend our impact and offer a healthcare setting with the most innovative diagnostic and clinical technologies available. This puts us on par with many of the medical practices and hospitals in the community that might be out of reach for the population we serve.”

BCW is the only mammography facility in the country to be integrated within a federally qualified health center, allowing them to play a critical role in strengthening the link between primary care and screening for underserved patients. Ms. Beck says despite BCW’s nonprofit status and the community services they provide, it can be difficult to attract technology partners the caliber of MedInformatix. “Obviously there is the cost factor, but many of the big name players are not interested in partnering with small nonprofits. Fortunately for us, MedInformatix shares our values in caring for a community.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with BCW as part of our corporate social responsibility mission to bring innovative healthcare information technology to those who can benefit from it the most,” said Pat McGonigle, chief executive officer of MedInformatix. “ BCW does tremendous work in providing radiologic and breast diagnostic services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in Washington. We are proud to align the MedInformatix name with their cause and look forward to working closely with them as they continue to grow their organization and the numbers of women they so admirably serve.”

One of the key features of the MedInformatix platform is the ability to integrate electronic health records and enterprise practice management systems, thereby facilitating the use of patient data for both the clinical and administrative needs of BCW, including in the mission-critical areas of insurance verification, claims submission and clinical and financial analytics. “This is huge for us,” added Ms. Beck. “In addition to the social and personal impact we make in the community, we have a continual need to demonstrate the bottom-line impact to current and prospective funders. The MedInformatix platform will be a tremendous boost in this area.”

BCW served 1200 patients in 2016, a 15 percent increase from the previous year. Ms. Beck is hopeful that with scheduling and workflow efficiencies afforded by MedInformatix, the facility will reach its goal of serving 2000 patients in 2017. For more information visit

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